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Nope! With Genius you only pay if your home closes. We only get paid once our job is done.

Genius has local agents in almost every city in Canada. If your area is one of the few where we don’t have agents, we will bring one on within 24 hours.

Genius lets you save almost 50% compared to a traditional 6% listing. Our average client saves close to $10,000!

Genius partners with local real estate agents from every major brand, who list your home under their brokerage. The only people who know you’re listed with Genius are your realtor, you, and the Genius team. Potential buyers will only know that you’re listed with a top rated, local realtor.

Genius is a great fit for both consumers and real estate agents. Traditionally, agents have a significant marketing and time expense for every new client they work with. With Genius, real estate agents get quality clients without any additional marketing spend. They’re incentivized to do a great job with Genius clients, so they will receive more.

Genius provides the exact same service, for a fraction of the cost. Now that’s Genius!

Technology has drastically changed the home selling process. 97% percent of buyers find their next home online, and $3,000 is more than enough to take professional photos, and create a great online presence to show your home in the best possible light to all potential buyers.

There is no comparison between Genius and for sale by owner. Genius provides a full service real estate agent to help you sell your home for it’s full potential, while making the process as hands off as possible. To learn more about how sale by owner stacks up against Genius, click here.

When you buy a home with Genius, your agent will give you a portion of their commission back at closing. You can use this to pay down your mortgage, buy points on your loan, and in some cases, take it as a check at closing.

While it’s very rare for any of our clients to not like their agent, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like your agent we can assign you a new agent, or your can decide to no longer continue working with Genius. It’s up to you.

Genius partner agents use every marketing channel at their disposal. Your home will be listed on the MLS, and hundreds of other sites. Your home will also be syndicated to our partners network of buyers. Genius will help you sell your home quickly, for top dollar.

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